Why Do You?

In traveling down my blogging past for potential articles, I noticed how my overall focus has changed, expanded and evolved. 

For my first one, I concentrated on my walk with God. For my second I focused my husband and my desire to conceive a child (succeeded after three years, wahoo!). 

Now with the second one ongoing, this journal and my third, political blog, my subject matter has branched out to include almost everything.

In some ways, however, I miss the single focus being on God. No longer attending Bible study courses, and admittedly ditching church more often than not, newer entries about God are few and far between.

Although I don’t necessarily feel my faith lacking, there’s much room for growth. The only way to achieve that is to listen more to God’s voice. In re-reading my previous entries I notice many of God’s whispers sound out of the words I’ve written. For as long as I can remember, whenever I wrote, especially about God and the lessons he taught me, I felt him looking over my shoulder with a smile.

I long for God’s smile.


Two quick questions for you, my dear reader.

If you write a blog, what’s your main purpose?

As a reader, what attracts you to a specific blog, and why do you return?

5 thoughts on “Why Do You?

  1. I blog to relieve pressure, to share, and to hopefully make people think.
    I want anyone going through something I have, or am, to know they are not alone. That you can talk about anything you need to. That someone has been there.


  2. I blog out of a desire to make God known through my writing. Even though not all my posts are about God, I hope my readers see evidence of my faith in Him throughout my blog.
    I’m attracted to blogs with posts that are helpful to me in my journey of writing–so I can learn new things, but also so I can make friends with others on this same journey.


  3. You are making me think… Why do I blog?
    First from one believer to another, you need to go to church regularly woman!
    Now, let me be painfully honest. I’m still not sure how I feel about blogging. A big part of me didn’t want to start, but realized nowadays it is part of a writer/author’s job requirement. I don’t mind sharing my fiction with others, but the idea of an online, public journal still makes me shudder a bit. That being said, I have shared some of my personal struggles in my blog already, and I don’t regret it a bit. As followers of Christ, I don’t think we should keep our testimony under wraps.
    I must admit, tho, I am blogging to market myself as a writer. Many years ago, I decided if God wasn’t in my writing, then there was not much point to writing at all. So, He often shows up in my blog.
    Ultimately, I want my writing to have some eternal significance…I want to draw people to Christ. Like it or not, I’ve realized, that requires marketing. And blogging. At least in my chosen field.


  4. I’m with Jessica — I started blogging to create an online presence to go along with my book’s release. I want my blog to be thought provoking and accessible for skeptics as well as believers — haven’t quite gotten there. The blog that I admire, that is the one I want to write, is Billy Coffey’s (http://www.billycoffey.blogspot.com). His is so awesome! Oh well, I’ll keep plugging along also.


  5. Each of my blogs has a slightly different purpose. Generally though, I’d say I blog for the same reason I write anything – because I love reading, and I love ideas, and I want to contribute to the flow of ideas and words out there that has brought me so much enjoyment and insight over my years.
    Why I follow particular blogs is trickier for me. Some for information. Some because I feel a personal connection to them (like yours). I guess those are the main reasons, but I’m sure there is more to it than that in the deep parts of my brain.


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