Daily Archives: January 20, 2009

Pitch Me Out The Window

I’m attempting to write a pitch sheet for my novel. In it I’m supposed to write a one-sentence summary, and a longer summary one-to-two paragraphs long.

How do I break a 100,000 word document down to a single sentence, let alone two paragraphs, or even one? More importantly, how do I write it so a reader will want to know more?

Writing a full-length novel is simple by comparison.

My attempts so far have met with limited success, wasted paper, pencil leads and erasers. I could use my computer to eliminate the need for office supplies, but I think better sitting in a comfy chair away from the things that distract me too easily — such as the internet and email.

Besides, I like office supplies. Using it all up means I have a good excuse to peruse Staples or Office Depot and purchase more — lots more. Some would say I have, well, a problem, but never mind about that.

When I reach the limit of my endurance to write the perfect pitch, I search for possible articles to take with me. A great source I found is in my other blogs on writing.com (see Catching Idle Butterflies and The Undiscovered Country if you have an excess of time). 

I read through a few entries written over a year ago, and I not-so-humbly admit they’re good. They need editing for sure, but good candidates for some of the magazines in attendance at the conference.

Sure beats trying to come up with something from scratch with only one month to go.

And I don’t have to write a one-sentence summary for any of them.