Daily Archives: January 15, 2009


Life is a chain. We start as a single link, and each new experience adds a new one. After enough time, we can look back and see how we traveled from one place to another. We see how we’ve grown and what it took to get us there.

The internet is all about links. We start at one page then through either our bookmarks or links added by others we soon find ourselves in an entirely different place. We sometimes travel to a different country and within a surprisingly short time.

One feature to my website host is keeping track of other pages linked to my website. It’s quite illuminating – and surprising. For instance I found web pages I never heard of linking my blog. Some of these sites I wouldn’t visit on my own. For instance one is called Ice Station Tango, a blog with a decidedly left-wing perspective on current events.

How did my blog get there?

It’s not a complaint by any means. In fact, that blog comes in second for the amount of traffic visiting my site.

Today, much to my ego’s delight, someone I never heard of subscribed to my blog. She added her own website in the subscription form, so I ‘checked her out.’ Based on the links she’s added to her own site, I was able to deduce from where she found me.

Since I’m beginning to market my writing, knowing where people are coming from can help me decide what directions I need to go to find even more potential readers.

It also seems only fair to return the favor. I haven’t taken the time to respond to everyone who have visited and expressed desire to come back, but I will eventually. However, keep your eye on the Blogroll to the right as I’ll add their links there.

They will mostly be writer sites, but if you love to read you’ll at least discover new authors and books to devour.