Monthly Archives: January 2009

Why Do You?

In traveling down my blogging past for potential articles, I noticed how my overall focus has changed, expanded and evolved. 

For my first one, I concentrated on my walk with God. For my second I focused my husband and my desire to conceive a child (succeeded after three years, wahoo!). 

Now with the second one ongoing, this journal and my third, political blog, my subject matter has branched out to include almost everything.

In some ways, however, I miss the single focus being on God. No longer attending Bible study courses, and admittedly ditching church more often than not, newer entries about God are few and far between.

Although I don’t necessarily feel my faith lacking, there’s much room for growth. The only way to achieve that is to listen more to God’s voice. In re-reading my previous entries I notice many of God’s whispers sound out of the words I’ve written. For as long as I can remember, whenever I wrote, especially about God and the lessons he taught me, I felt him looking over my shoulder with a smile.

I long for God’s smile.


Two quick questions for you, my dear reader.

If you write a blog, what’s your main purpose?

As a reader, what attracts you to a specific blog, and why do you return?