Don’t Take My Word for It

One advantage to writing a blog is my complete control. I can write anything I want including brag about how good my book is, and hope you buy it based on my opinion alone.

As a reader, though, it’s not always wise to spend money based on the author’s braggadocio (great word, huh?). After all, what do you expect authors to say about their books? That they’re crap? Hardly, unless they don’t want to sell many copies.

When I published through Booksurge, I could have added onto the package reviews by Kirkus Discoveries starting at $399. I decided not to based mostly on the cost. I didn’t think my little novella warranted such an authoritative review. If I published a full-length novel, however, I might have considered it.

Besides, four people have reviewed my book so far — and for free!

A fellow author kindly made hers public, so you no longer have to take my word alone that my book is pretty darned good.

You can read it here:  LKHunsaker’s Review

If you haven’t purchased a book yet, she’s holding a raffle with my book as a prize along with many others. All proceeds go to a program designed to help our injured veterans, but again, don’t take my word for it. Read all about it HERE.

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