Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

Wrenching in the Wrenches

For a story to grab a reader and keep them reading, the writer needs to throw in a bunch of what I call wrenches. They destroy a smooth ride and make it rough and unpredictable. Scary, too, because the reader (and the writer sometimes) doesn’t know if everyone will be tossed off a cliff at any moment.

That’s why we read. We don’t want a smooth ride. We want our world and perceptions shaken, our emotions played with, to experience fear, frustration, joy, laughter, anticipation and terror — and all without leaving our couch or favorite comfy chair.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I’ve edited my manuscript (now upwards of sixteen; I’ve lost count). Given enough time, I find a way to toss in another wrench or two. While it doesn’t change the story so much it needs a complete rewrite, my book continues to be one hell of a ride (even if it frustrates me more often than not).

I won’t be writing many entries since I’ve tossed in another wrench into my story. At least not until mid-February when my book needs to once again be as polished as my current writing ability will allow.