December 2nd & 3rd, Mark Your Calendars!

December 2nd marks two events.

1. Contest winners will be selected and announced. I will post winners here (the first part of email addresses only), on the contest page, and the winners will also receive a private email.

2. My order of fifty books are due to arrive. If you’re a winner, or have purchased one via the products page, expect your book to be sent out on December 3rd. 

If you still would like to enter the contest, there is still time.

And if you order by December 15th, you’ll receive several other small items as an expression of my gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude!

I wish to thank my father-in-law for taking the time to read "A Reason to Hope", and relaying his thoughts to me via email. His review was quite a boost to my confidence I didn’t write a piece of crap.

You may be thinking since he’s a family member, he would not have been completely honest in his assessment.

I know he was honest, because he focused on specifics, and shared what he didn’t like about it. He would have preferred the book contained wider margins and more white space between chapters. I noticed the same after I received my proof. Changing it at that point, however, would have cost me more money, so I left it.

If I self-publish another book, or decide to resubmit a second addition of "A Reason to Hope" (how do I resubmit a second addition when only the first exists?) I’ll make those modifications.

Until then, I’ll make my readers suffer with narrow margins. 


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I won’t recommend you don’t stuff yourselves stupid, because we all end up doing it whether we want to or not.

Don’t forget to wear elastic-waisted pants! 

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