Champing at The Bit

October 31 I finalized my manuscript’s submission to Booksurge.

I then received an email stating my book would be available for sale on Amazon in 1-2 weeks. That was twelve days ago, and I admit to getting a bit impatient. I want it available NOW!

However, I found out a few days ago it is available now through Booksurge’s website, which you can find here.

it’s kinda cool seeing my book online and available for purchase, but I’ll be even more excited when it shows up on Amazon. I think it’s because Amazon caters to a larger customer base than Booksurge, so more will sell through them (I hope).

Looks like I’ve given up on Nanowrimo this year. I’m stuck at 4100 words. I’ve instead focused on writing politial entries through my WordPress Blog.

How long it will last, I have no idea. Not too long I hope, because I need to concentrate on preparing for the writer’s conference in February. I have a lot to do, and not much time to do it. February is but three months away. 

2 thoughts on “Champing at The Bit

  1. Two weeks … well, that’s a definite plus for Booksurge since the rest of us have to wait 6-8 weeks, LOL! Hopefully by the time you read this and go check, it’ll be there. 🙂
    Nanowrimo is only productive when you really want to do it. If it’s the wrong time for you, there’s no point. After all, you can challenge yourself any time it is the right time for you.
    I look forward to being able to order your book. Wait, if it’s on Booksurge, I guess I can! I’ll get it from there instead.


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