Ready . . . Set . . .

Tomorrow begins my fourth excursion into National Novel Writing Month ( From midnight November 1 to midnight November 30 I must type at least 50,000 words of a novel.

I will be exploring an idea that’s been percolating in my noggin for at least four years.  It’s based on the same universe I created for my first novel, but further into the future.

My previous idea focused on the human race, but this time I will start with a different space-faring species. The main character is a young female who’s considered by her people as a subspecies. She’s smaller (read: weaker) than the rest of her species. However, she has certain gifts and talents that make her invaluable. The rest of her people don’t see it that way, though. She’s a tool to be used, nothing more.

Will she and others of her kind earn the respect they deserve? How will they earn it?

I look forward to finding out.

This also means I won’t be writing many entries in any of my blogs. I not only have to concentrate on nanowrimo, but on starting and managing my book contest.

I can hardly wait for my proof to arrive in the mail. To see my words in print — even self-published — is pretty darned exciting.

Happy Halloween!!


2 thoughts on “Ready . . . Set . . .

  1. You’ve inspired me. I just joined up. I’m not sleeping much these nights and spend all my time blogging. So I might as well try writing another novel! Congrats by the way on being published. You go girl!


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