Got it!

After giving my USB flashdrive a good (and accidental) soaking in liquid children’s vitamins, I was quite surprised it still functioned three months later.

It gave it’s last gasp today, so I went to Staples to purchase a new one. I use it to not only store current works as a backup, but I transfer files all the time between my home and work computer. I couldn’t wait long to get a new one.

As I strapped Thomas into his carseat, our next door neighbor stopped by to hand me a package UPS accidentally delivered to her house.

It was my proof.

I didn’t open it until I got home, and even then I waited a bit.

I’m actually impressed. It turned out exactly as I envisioned. If I could resubmit it without it costing me anything more, I would make one slight adjustment to the last page. The cover I thought turned out fabulous.

I refuse to read through it, because if I find any grammatical or spelling errors, I would be forced to resubmit, and pay the fees.

I’ll retain my blissful ignorance at this point, and pray my readers will pass any errors by.

That’s it. One mouse click and it’s ready to go on sale.

Tomorrow will begin my contest, but I won’t give any details until then.

How’s that for a way to keep you coming back here?

Oh, and my new flashdrive works great.

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